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Biographical article on Alexander Aitken, who was born in Dunedin in 1895; Aitken was one of the great mathematicians of his time; his work was in statistics, numerical analysis and algebra; part of the web site
Brief biographical article on Bullen (1906-1976), the mathematician & geophysicist who made significant discoveries in the density distribution of the earth
Site has details of various events organised to encourage the study of mathematics among New Zealand students such as Maths Week; conferences of maths teachers; and the New Zealand Mathematical Olympic Committee
One of seven Centres of Research Excellence formed as a partnership between the University of Auckland and the NZ Mathematics Research Institute with the aim of promoting mathematical research; headed by Vaughan Jones, Fields medallist
Journal published by a joint committee of the New Zealand Mathematical Society and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Auckland; site has info on subscription rates, preparation and submission of manuscripts etc
Web site describing various initiatives to improve the teaching of mathematics, statistics, probability and related topics to children; also has sections on problem solving, numeracy etc
Brief biographical article on the New Zealand mathematician who discovered an exact solution for Einsten's equations of general relativity
Representative body of professional mathematicians in New Zealand; aims: promotion of research in the mathematical sciences; the development, application and dissemination of mathematical knowledge within NZ; etc
Brief biographical article on the renowned mathematician, who discovered a new polynomial invariant of knots, which represents the first advance of its type since 1928; enabled molecular biologists solve a knotty DNA problem