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Hamilton-based company engaged in dairy herd improvement; services: dairy animal recording, herd testing, national database, animal health management, progeny testing, DNA analysis, artifical breeding, liquid & frozen semen tecnology etc
2 CRV Ambreed New Zealand Ltd Tel: +64-7-827-5058
Second largest artificial breeding company in New Zealand with 25% market share; its core business is the production and sale of dairy semen; based in Hamilton
World's leading manufacturer of goat milk nutritional powder products; owned by a farmer-based cooperative; product range: infant formula, growing up milk (for children aged up to 3-4 years), whole milk powder, long-life goat milk etc
Business group operating in the Waikato region; operates a range of businesses that include property development, metal protection, quarrying, sand mining, waste solutions, fertiliser, leisure and entertainment
Producers of organic fertilisers; sales & marketing arm of Perry Environmental Ltd, based in Hamilton; products include vermicast (worm excrement) based fertiliser, compost, liquid fertiliser (fish, vermicast etc)